What we've been doing

Driven by a desire to make meaningful and lasting connections we collaborate with brands to create unforgettable experiences.

Think of us less as a resource and more as a creative partner.



Once we believe that video and photography are tools that allow us to eternalize a living moment, and because we believe in the importance of a memory, the report service gives to the cliente the permission to make a visual record of an event. We capture the nature of things with our own irreverence.




The direct relation between a brand and its own image is, for us, one of the more relevant parts of our work and where we put a lot of our attention and dedication. The commercial service works in order to build the right idea for one determinante brand, or even a product, turning big ideias into awesome products.may refer to: Advertising, paid classified messages in newspapers, magazines, flyers, billboards, and paid announcements over radio




Here, at Point and Shoot, we prize for the search of a vision more behind the scene. We direct out work into an intimacy service, and let all the organizations who want to open up and show to their public who they are, what they do, and how do they do.




We can never forget that Point and Shoot is a freelance organization, and all the different art works that envolve our work field they also interest us. Our portfolio counts with multiple independent works that can cover music, cinema, and other art sides.